Ivania Romero

Borrongonga is the way my dad used to call me when I was a little girl, and the name I gave to my personal blog, which I started in 2014 in Boston, US (where I lived for over 15 years), to narrate my journey through breast cancer back in 2006. The idea to start my blog came about during a casual lunch with my good friend Lauren, my mentor and motivator on this endeavor, who also taught me the ropes about blogging.

A little bit about me...

Ivania was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, a city on the Colombian Caribbean Coast. She started writing a personal blog 8 years after surviving breast cancer. Even though she is an amateur writer, writing has provided a cathartic space for Ivania to share about, not only her breast cancer survival experience, but all the things she has had to go through since she got the news about her diagnosis - surgery, treatment, divorce, relationships, motherhood, the move to her hometown after 15 years in the US, among other things.
On this blog, she narrates her journey through breast cancer to provide information to other young women who are going through the same experience she went through back in 2006, and also create awareness about this disease and how early detection is key. She also shares the different chapters of treatment - surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, fertility, intimacy - while also providing tips that helped her have a better outcome.
Ivania's background is in Business, and currently works as an administrator at an international school. She is a single mom, who lives happily with her son and her parents in her hometown. She considers herself a good friend and family member, a loving mom, who finds in writing an outlet to digest her thoughts and ideas, as well as better understand her emotions.
Ivania enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures and languages, exercising, good food, hanging out with good friends, a nice glass of wine and a good cup of coffee in the morning.