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5 March 2019

El código oculto

La premisa del famoso libro de los años 90 “Los Hombres son de Marte, las Mujeres son de Venus” es que los problemas más comunes en […]
13 February 2019

Un desfile de galanes

El otro día un amigo me estaba comentando que, en su opinión, debe ser difícil conocer hombres con los que quiera salir – a mi edad, […]
14 January 2019


Mi blog “Borrongonga” nació en Boston, Estados Unidos después de una conversación casual con una amiga un día cualquiera. Es un blog que relata mi experiencia […]
25 November 2018

A Bona Fide Friendship

In the old days, men used to be out working and most women stayed at home, and the only way they could get together was with […]
17 November 2018

A Flashing “Green” Light

We are used to thinking that romantic relationships should follow a traditional, straightforward approach: Two people meet, they form a relationship and they either decide to […]
8 November 2018

A Stress-Free Pursuit

My good friend Asis – and one of my most loyal male readers – sent me a psychology- themed video the other day. The reason why […]
20 October 2018

An ill-intentioned text

I posted a picture the other day on my new Instagram page, asking my friends for ideas about interesting topics to explore and write about on […]
15 September 2018

An Interest-Based Relationship Theory

This is a co-written post with my good friend Lauren. Lauren: I always thought that being self-sufficient was an asset in a romantic relationship—as well as […]
27 August 2018

A Lovely Prey

In one of my latest posts, I talked about psychopathy – a topic that has interested me very much in the last three years – and […]
21 August 2018

A Worthy Mentor

Last week I attended a talk about leadership at my son’s school.  The speaker explained leadership by showing us first what it isn’t supposed to be. […]
19 August 2018

Psychopathy 101

A couple of days ago, I read a very good post from The Psych Talk about psychopathy, which reminded me of a reflection I made on […]
13 August 2018

The Layers of Love

Falling in love can be a beautiful thing, but when rejection or a breakup occurs unexpectedly, it can be very ugly and hurtful. People are more […]
14 April 2015

About genetic testing

During one of my check-ups, a genetic counselor came to talk to me about genetic testing. Young women with breast cancer have an increased risk of […]
27 April 2015


Phase 4 consisted of taking a drug called Tamoxifen for 5 years. This medication is the usual anti-estrogen therapy for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer in pre-menopausal […]
26 May 2015

About becoming a mom

When I was 17, I wanted to become a mom at age 25. When I was 25, I was still pursuing an education and working towards a career. When […]
5 May 2016

Reflections from home

I have missed writing immensely. The reason I took a writing hiatus is that I am with my son in Colombia for an extended and a […]
26 May 2016

A life changing sport

I had always liked tennis, but never got to play as a child.  When I was in college, a friend tried to convince me to play. […]
28 December 2016

Dr. Regretful Love

My high school Spanish teacher was a very interesting man.  His class was hard.  We had to be ready every day for a surprise test, so […]
7 July 2017

Love without rules

Psychologists state that our choices in adult romantic connections are directly related to the relationship we had with our parents growing up. My father used to […]
17 October 2017

The Alpha Male

A few months ago I started dating a guy I had met many years ago.  Our families are friends and I happen to be very close […]
14 November 2017

A surreal encounter

I got back a couple of days ago from a well-needed escapade to Bogota. The reason I was there was to celebrate my 20-year college reunion. […]